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Pool slab shade sail posts

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    Default Pool slab shade sail posts

    Can existing flanged aluminium flat top pool fencing corner posts be swapped with heavy duty flanged shade sail posts? Iím not sure if a heavy flanged post that big can even be purchased yet alone dynabolted into an existing concrete pool surround slab to hold the tension of a 5 x5 shade sail
    Perhaps the shade sail posts can be concreted in the soil at the slab corners but I may not have a compliant pool fence doing that. Be only 100mm outside the pool fencing
    Maybe set them back at 900mm. Iv got pool plumbing in the soil to worry about at 1 corner of the yard too. Slab is 600mm high at bottom side of my yard n 50mm at house side itís a sloped yard . Maybe I cud fix posts to the slab at bottom side. Thereís no buildings close by to fix eyelids to
    Appreciate any advice

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    I don't think there is a standard post or "heavy duty" flange post, you really need measurements, material thicknesses and most like an engineer to give most of this the OK.

    your post sounds more like you're "thinking out loud" with out actually providing photos etc. I thought most shad sail post when in at angles due to the weight and windage they have to put up with.
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    A flanged post bolted to concrete will never work for a shade sail, they need deep footings.
    When you say 5x5 is it square or triangle ? A triangular sail uses tension between each post to pull the sail into shape where as a square rectangle or other multi form uses unequal height posts with a percentage of the tension in the vertical plane. In either case wind load can be significant.
    Should be no issues with a post being close to the safety fence as long as the post is un-climbable and does not provide a foot-hold within the 900mm NCZ. Of course check with local authorities.

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    You can use a base plate, if concrete slab is sufficient. The problem you will have is the base plate would be 400mm square and 20mm thick (plate would need to be set with chemset 501 or equivalent and M24 studs)
    Post also needs to be at min 5 deg lean away from opposing corner, to do this you set nuts under base plate and adjust accordingly. Then use structural grout under base plate.
    would use min 165mm CHS post (this posts needs to be fabricated then Hot Dipped Galvanised).

    The base plate needs to be set back off the edge of the slab (if applicable) so as not to crack.
    If you go the inground method, as mentioned you will need to keep 900mm off fence

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