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Query - Cement/Concrete Post(s)

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    Default Query - Cement/Concrete Post(s)


    The next door neighbour and I have just had our fence renewed. However, unlike the posts previously, they were put on my side of the boundary line. Given that the entire length of the fence (on my side) has a concrete base, parts of my slab(s) were cut out for the posts. I was of the impression by my neighbour who got the quote that the holes would be filled up and levelled off with the surrounding concrete slab. However, on completing the job the sub contractor said this was not the case. Instead he had just thrown in bits of debris which I wasn't happy about. To his credit though he said he would come back and finish it off with cement.

    Thus I am seeking advice is this normal? I would have thought he should have poured it up level with the slab when setting the posts!! It also sounded like he wouldn't be hanging around long which suggests to me it just going to be a botched up job. If I was to do it myself how should I go about doing it correctly and look as though it has been done professionally? I have attached a couple of images - one showing a post in question and another showing part of a 3 metre hole that needs to be filled.

    Thanking those in advance for taking the time out to reply.

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    1. It is usual that a fence is replaced with the posts & rails on the same side as they were originally unless the neighbours agree otherwise. This is so even if just one party is paying for the fence. But that's just a convention not a law.

    2. Good practice would be that the surface and any areas exposed to replace a fence should be returned to the original condition (or better). That means that all those cement surfaces should be renewed and level.

    Have chat with the neighbour and then the contractor. If you have already paid then you might have a fight on your hands. If not then don't pay (or at least withhold some) until the job is done properly.
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    The right thing to do would of been top the post with concrete level.
    But it would all depend what was written in his quote.
    I've lost count on how many times one neighbour has made arrangements with me on what was required when the other had some thing else in mine.
    Or better yet had us erect fences with out the neghbour knowing.

    As for doing it yourself , you could mix some concrete , or just buy some premixed already in bags since it's only a little job.
    Simply mix , fill and trowel off level.
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