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Rapid set in rammed earth?

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    Default Rapid set in rammed earth?

    Building a new fence, I normally do stabilised earth and ram it hard until it rings.
    I've got a half bag of Rapidset left over in the shed and as the stuff has such a short shelf life I want to use it up before it dies.
    In a hole 300*300 and 600 deep would a half bag of Quick-set be enough to set solid?
    The other two holes of the same size and depth I just used cement powder mixed in at the approximate ratio of a handfull per shovle load of dirt and thay seem to be as solid as a rock [almost anyway] and not likely to move for a decade or so.
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    You mean mixing it with dirt?
    300x300x600 is 54L
    One bag of 20 kg concrete makes aprox 8L of concrete.
    So half a bag in 54L is a ratio of 6.7 dirt to one concrete mix
    Not bad ... depending on type of soil of course. sandy soil good, clay,not so good
    If in doubt add a shovel of cement.
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