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Screws, hollow wall fasteners or dreaming?

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    Question Screws, hollow wall fasteners or dreaming?

    I want to attach rows of tubing from a timber post to an external weatherboard wall. For a neat finish, the aim is to attach a cut off post to the wall and attach the brackets holding the tubing to the post. The problem is there is no stud close to the attachment position on the wall. Are there any fasteners out there for hollow timber walls? Given there is minimum weight bearing by the cut off post and the tubing is effectively pushing against each post, can I get away with just using decent sized screws?

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    You can probably put enough screws in to secure it, but I would try to attach it to the bottom wall plate and a noggin that should be between the studs.

    Finding the noggin could be a bit hard, but on a 2.4m high wall they would be around 1.2m high, and a 2.7 at 1350mm. If the wall is higher it would have two rows of noggins and these might be a bit harder to find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elsdiy View Post
    Are there any fasteners out there for hollow timber walls?
    yup, hollow wall anchors

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