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Vertical Batten Pool Fence - Thoughts

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    Default Vertical Batten Pool Fence - Thoughts

    Hi All,

    So my wife and I are considering a pool fence like the one attached in pictures, our question being -

    The drilling of the battens makes enough sense, but what kind of epoxy or glue would one use to stop the battens sliding?

    Presumably you drill the hole a mm or two smaller diameter, but with heat/cold expansion and contraction Im guessing you'd need a sticking agent of sorts.

    Any ideas on external epoxy or glue most appreciated.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dbo_ec957d0f-a042-43cc-b73b-1d450ead228a-11ad031385962d8c058a4f961fe63ef8-768x576.jpg   217391973_2569084196733064_6338410639205799204_n.jpg  

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    The hole will need to be drilled 1 or 2mm bigger not smaller, as you will never get what looks to be copper pipe through the opening.
    You would then need to fix a screw from the back through the copper pipe, glue won't work, and wouldn't pass code.

    Sounds like you have never attempted something like this before, so here's some advice.

    The copper pipe will need something else inside it to give it strength, copper pipe on it's own could be too flexible and easily bent out of shape.
    You will need a drill press for the holes, this will ensure the holes are drilled perfectly square and all in the same position (achievable by a simple jig).

    It looks like 35x90 blackbutt they have used, not sure if you have see the price of timber, and lack of availability, but it will cost a fortune and you might not be able to even source it at the moment.
    eg: regular run of the mill 35 x 90 dressed hardwood is around $17 / lm, 90 x 45 blakbutt around $28 /lm
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    Looks more like rusty steel than copper to me, but could be either.

    One option is use a smaller diameter through rail and have larger diameter tube that slips over it as the spacers between each vertical upright.
    As there is no picture of the opposite side there may be a screw in each batten.

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    Thanks for the sound advice, yeah timer prices at the moment are nuts!

    Yep had a drill press in mind, fixing with a screw through the back makes sense too, thanks again for the sound advice.

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    I love wood. I love woodworking. I really do. But given the effort, expense, and then maintenance to keep this looking good long term, just go aluminium...

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