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Vertical batten screen (indoors)

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    Default Vertical batten screen (indoors)

    I came across these in pinterest, can anyone tell me how to install vertical battens directly from floor to ceiling? I cant figure out how to secure them. Angled nails? Hidden and putty over?

    Attachment 128946Attachment 128948

    There is another design which has a horizontal piece on top and at the bottom, so I figured out one could make the screen first then just attach it to the ceiling joists and floor.

    Attachment 128947

    Many Thanks

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    Not sure about the top couple, maybe screwed then filled, but the bottom one has a top and bottom plate which you could fix in place then insert the uprights and glue and screw or pin nail. You could preassemble the whole frame, but be careful with the height as standing it up could easily foul on the ceiling

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