Hi All

I'm building a 1 metre high Freestone Eco retaining wall and wondering if I am doing the right thing with the base. I've just been following the instructions on here: Freestone ECO Retaining Walls, Freestone ECO Retaining Wall blocks, Sustainable retaining wall- Island Block & Paving

Step 1:
Dig out trench approx. 250mm deep. The trench should be 600mm wide. Place and well compact150mm to 200mm of fine crushed rock (gravel). This base thickness depends on the wall height e.g.200mm thick for 1 metre high, extra thickness for higher walls may be required, subject toengineers design.

I put the crushed rock in a few weeks back but it has rained a bit and it's a bit damp. Next step is get a compactor from Bunnings and see how it goes but then it doesn't seem quite right as it has water in the trench.

Also I have a step in the wall, as it's pretty long and there is a grade along the face, this looks like it will catch some water though.

Thinking I either give it a go with the compactor and the water should run off after compaction or sprinkle some cement in the trench to firm things up but this may cause a bigger issue.