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Help.. Info on pouring limestone retaining walls.

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    Exclamation Help.. Info on pouring limestone retaining walls.

    Hello to all that know. I am keen to get some help with a project I am looking at doing. It would be great to get some ideas from anyone.
    The story starts with my house ...it is built on stumps. I have had a UMR carport built on and would like to build up the ground area to the same height as the house floor. The height of the wall will be in the range from 350mm to 750mm ( total area of carport and driveway combined is 10m long x 4m wide). I have been told a mix of 5 parts crushed limestone to 1 part cream cement is the required mix. I was planning to make the wall 250mm thick (is this width sufficient) and will be pouring it in sections of 2400mm (lengths of formply). I understand the wall height of 750mm ( The ground drops away for 2m at this height then the rest is say 500mm to 350mm in height ) may need to be double the width (or does this apply to heights over 1m) but not sure how high it will need to be at that thickness. Do I need to use reo at any stage of forming it up. Reo.....no reo...do I need to put expansion gaps in if working with limestone??????? I was told No.
    I am hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. Many thanks for the impending replies....I hope ! ! !
    Cheers Kym

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    Hi Kym,
    "5 parts crushed limestone to 1 part cream cement is the required mix" Never heard of it so I can't advise.
    Sounds like maybe a very old recipe from the days before Portland cement.

    If you are getting all for free, maybe try a section, but... the name retaining wall means something. Do you want to risk your walls collapsing when you start compacting your fill?

    IMHO by far the easiest way to do this is using 200 series besser blocks. Stepped strip footing, rebar every 600 and at corners, bond beam at top then corefill every block. Lay em yourself and mix your own corefill if you wish.

    This messing about with small sections of formwork and mixing your own concrete will take ages. You still will need a footing. If I had to do it I would hire Acrow U-form and have it up in a day. Pour and strip and return forms in less than a week for one weeks hire.


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    Many Thanks Billbeee. I will give it a try .

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