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Joining new retaining wall to old

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    Default Joining new retaining wall to old

    Hi everyone,

    We are building a concrete sleeper retaining wall across the back of our yard as per the image
    At the time of construction the builders ran two wooden sleeper retaining walls either side of the lot.

    My question is in building this new wall across the back, should it be free standing on its own or should it connect to these pre-existing two walls either side? I would imagine joined in a giant "C" shape adds structural integrity to the wall but, I am unsure of the method there. Cannot find the information as to how that would be achieved.

    Would I dig up the cement and c channel end posts and replace them with corner channels or do you just weld your own c channel to the existing one and take advantage of the post already in use?

    Can provide more information if requested



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    Freestanding as the only "structural integrity" will be the 2 ends otherwise it adds zero structural integrity to the rest of the wall.
    In essence you just need to be sure the existing end posts were installed to a satisfactory level to take the sideways pressure of the new wall.
    If done well, just weld a new C section piece on the ends to ascetically tie the new wall to the old.

    How high is the new wall and existing wall as this will guide you in how deep the posts/concrete foundation/diameter of hole should be.
    What size sleeper do you plan on using?

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    Or rather than weld, bolts can suffice.

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