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low retaining wall

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    Default low retaining wall

    hi guys im building a new home at the moment and we cut into the block 400-500mm on the high side, now its 36m deep block so im going to need a 36m retaining wall.
    im bricklayer by trade but i know it will hurt the pocket by the time footings are dug and poored with rod and 200 190mm blocks are laid plus capping for a 36m wall.
    my question is those treated pine between the gal H and U bars how effective are these? and how do you stop them from bowing? what should my distance between the H bar be?
    any help would be great!!!
    also as it is boundry retaining wall (well we want to try have it 200-300mm from where the fence is going to be , to allow more room down side of the house) should the fence go up first or should we get in and get the retainer up first?

    cheers guys

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    To be honest, if I was a bricklayer, and I had a retaining wall to build, I would use brick

    I have recently built a couple of retaining walls, one out of those stacking block systems and one out of TP.... I used TP for around the shed because, well its for around a shed, if it were to be a feature wall for the main backyard I dont think I would have used TP.

    Pics of both are here: http://www.woodworkforums.ubeaut.com...t=39075&page=2
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