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    Default Retaining Wall Posts

    G'day all,
    I have moved into a new home and the site was cut and filled. As a result the adjoining site is higher along one side of the house with the boundary 1.2m from the house wall. The depth of cut is 300mm tapering to 200mm over a distance of 16 metres. There is a colorbond fence along the boundary.

    I intend to put in a retaining wall using 200mm x 50mm x 2.4m treated pine sleepers. Due to the relatively low height I am thinking of using either 50x50x3, 50x75x3 or 75x75x3 gal RHS posts with two posts per sleeper. When the posts are concreted in place I will lay a concrete path from the wall past the posts to the boundary fence. The path will be graded to allow drainage to three access risers along the centre of the path. When set, I will simply drop the sleepers into place behind the posts and backfill. The sleepers will sit on the concrete path

    I have two questions:

    1. Are any of the post sizes suitable?

    2. Are there any problems or concerns with what I'm proposing?

    Any advice, criticisms or ideas will be appreciated.


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    Correct me if I'm wrong but the wall will be 1 x sleeper high?
    If this is correct you could get away with any of the posts sizes but personally I'd use the 50x75 allowing more of the sleeper to join onto the extra width.
    The 200x50 sleepers will do the job , but 200x75 tends to stay straighter with less twisting.

    Hope that helps
    Security Fencing Specialist


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    Thanks for the reply Fenced Out.

    The wall will be one and a half sleepers high at it's highest point, but for a short distance only. I will go with the 50x75 mm posts. I don't intend to bolt the sleepers to the posts and will position the posts about 200-300mm in from each end. As the wall is on the utility side of the house, appearance is not an issue. At some point I may decide to replace the pine sleepers with concrete ones, hence the decision to just drop the sleepers in behind the posts and backfill..


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    If you are planning to extend the concrete path beyond the posts so that it serves as a base for the sleepers, consider some form of seal between the sleeper and base so that there are no gaps to leach silt through, as this will make the path messy and dangerous in the longer term.

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