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Sleeper Wall / Fence - Help required (SEQ)

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    Default Sleeper Wall / Fence - Help required (SEQ)

    Hey everyone.

    Due to some fence damage we had to pull down about 8m of fencing between my yard and the next door neighbours. To prevent future problems we are thinking of having a small retaining wall built (about 600mm high) that will step down with the slope of the land.

    The fence will then sit on top of the retaining wall.

    Normally I'd be keen to have a go at a DIY job, but as it sits on the boundary I'd rather have someone do it. I had a guy do a back fence for me but he is busy until Feb.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good landscaper in Brisbane that covers the Western burbs Kenmore / Indro etc??

    I've tried Hipages in the past but the last two people we've hired did a really dodgy job! (One of the painters didn't even prep/sand the wall!!), the last plumber we got caused a secondary leak!! So I was hoping someone on here might be able to suggest someone who does quality work!

    Thanks in advance!

    Cheers, R

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    If you can avoid building a retaining wall on the boundary and then having to mount the fence right on it, it may be better. If you can cut back into one property or build up to be in the other and have the fence in front or behind, you will have less conflicts when it comes to repair either the fence or the wall.
    Best retaining wall are heavy blocks sittion on each other allowing water to flow through and allowing small movements so no cracks. Those retaining walls are hard to drill to concrete post in them and do not offer a good hold for the fence. A solid brick wall can take a fence on it no problem but tends to crack and fall over with time. Keep them separate is the best if at all possible.
    There is also the added conflict of who pays for the wall. The fence is usually no problem and is 50 50 all the time, the wall is not a fence and will be another story.

    Sorry no recommendations in your location from me
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    Thanks Marc.

    I've talked it over with our neighbour and we are still keen for the walk on the boundary, aesthetically it makes sense - I've since tried to get someone to build it and no one is interested! Or if they're are, it's a March delivery. Wtf?

    I'm wondering if maybe I should go with concrete sleepers and steel posts... that seems easier from a DIY perspective.

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    Hi mate. You could try Tony. He does very good quality work but is not a cheapo fence guy. You get what you pay for. He lives across the road from me and is a very nice fella. He is always very busy though so be prepared for a decent lead time.


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