600 ml sausage Caulking guns.

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    Default 600 ml sausage Caulking guns.

    Just picked up a 600 ml Caulking gun from Bunning's for just over $10.00. Great if you need to use more than a couple of tubes as the sausages are often cheaper than the 200 ml cartridges.
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    Industry use them all the time as you say quite a bit cheaper if you need a large amount, i have just sealed my carport with Sikaflex pro took 9 sausages, your gun was very cheap I paid $40odd a few years ago

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    i too have the $10 bunnings caulking gun and find it the same as the $50 one i got from coventry fasteners.

    the only time i have ever been concerned about the cheap gun is when i had a small hole cut in the nozzle and i was being a bit impatient on the trigger, so it made a few noises but this was purely my own fault.

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