9 Kg LPG gas bottles

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    Default 9 Kg LPG gas bottles

    I am sure someone has been here before:

    Searching for a LPG gas bottle - specfically after a 9kg. I have found that it appears most common ones are made in China. Painted variety. However all these bottles are of less weight than my 4.5kg job.
    If it makes it to 10 years - most probably just get tossed.
    So - will these "flimsy" 9 kg things make it to 10 years in a non corrosive environment?
    Are these things actually OK given the feeling of light weight and flimsiness (just because it meets AS does not mean much to me)?


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    Quote Originally Posted by an3_bolt View Post
    (just because it meets AS does not mean much to me)?
    Well we have to trust someone?
    Maybe the steel is not the ordinary run of the mill mild steel
    I use the swap and go and I don't give a stuff if they fail the test at 10 yrs.
    I have never heard of a bottle failing without the application of external heat so they must be OK

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    Yep that is another way of looking at it - appreciated.

    As for trusting someone......not always. But that is for another time.......


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    Worst case scenario is they leak outside.

    The average consumer prefers a lighter bottle as they are heavy enough as it is for some people.

    Most people use swap and go so they get inspected when refilled and resold.

    Swap your rusted one for a newer one will full gas for $20.

    I think I paid under $20 at the big green shed recently!!!

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