Help with a SENCO SFN30 Finish Nailer...

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    Default Help with a SENCO SFN30 Finish Nailer...

    Hi All,
    I have one of the above and recently it has started playing up.
    Scoured the 'net to no avail. I'm a rookie in the world of air tools so don't really know where to start.
    It's either double striking, not feeding a brad or half driving. I recently saw that my little compressor was supplying too much pressure. So I turned it down.
    Could I have done some damage to it by using it with too much oomph?
    I'm driving 38mm galv brads into mostly Jarrah currently. Tried it on some left over structafloor; it's doing the same apart from the half drive.
    When it operates correctly it's brilliant. It's just not reliably doing it's job...

    Any help much appreciated...

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    The half drive is because it finds the jarrah heavy going; move up to the next size nailer!

    As for feed problems, check and clean the magazine, and check that the driving tip isn't burred or damaged, and maybe try a different brand of nails (also check that the nails are the right size for the gun - 15 gauge - AND that the collation angle for the nails is 34 degrees).
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    You may have blown an o ring, do you oil it regularly? You can get o ring kits for them, easy 1/2 hour job to replace.
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    Was it working alright before you turned down the pressure? Your regulator on the compressor may be wrong

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    Thanks Guys,
    Ben, I turned it down to see if that would stop the double hit, no feed which still that's not it.
    Godzilla, maybe an O Ring. It's one of Senco's No Oil range for internal finishing work so, I have not. What would be the symptoms of an O ring issue?
    Random, I'll check out the tip. Probably just get a new one for the few bucks it takes. Moved to Senco nails last boxes, to eliminate that. Cleaned the magazine, and yep right gauge.

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