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    Iím in the market for a new fixing gun. Iím not a professional carpenter but I need to do a lot of architrave and door jamb work in a house I am building. The Paslode is a bit out of my budget but I was looking at the makita dbn600. I already have the batteries.

    Anyone ever use it? Seems it has good reviews.

    Can this gun use the paslode or senco Brad nails ? Or does this gun need special nails?

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    A mate who is a builder has one of these and he's very happy with it. Download the owners manual to find out which nails etc. -
    Have you got an air compressor or know someone who does? A quality pneumatic nailer is a lot cheaper, lighter, less bulky and usually faster too. The only downside is you need a power outlet and have a hose and compressor to drag around.
    When I was in the market for a brad nailer, I ended up buying a small lightweight twin tank compressor and a Bosch nailer for the same price as an 18v skin. The small compressor can then be used for other things as well, I use it for a framing gun and just general use when away from my workshop compressor.
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