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Asbestos Roof Questions

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    Default Asbestos Roof Questions

    Hi Guys,
    New member (but long time lurker) with a few questions about an Asbestos roof.

    Were looking at buying as an investment an older property which has an Asbestos roof. The sheeting looks like corrigated iron, only a lot more pronounced.

    Now my basic understanding is that the roof is safe as long as its not disturbed. It looks in ok condition from the ground, nothing broken or missing, just looks dirty in a mouldy sort of way if that makes sence?

    Now for the questions...

    • Is there any rule of thumb on how much it costs to have it replaced with Iron?(Two story building).
    • Is there any issues with Insuring a place that has an Asbestos roof?
    • How long do they last before they need replacing?
    • How do you tell if they need replacing?
    • Can you have them cleaned and sealed?
    • Anything else I should know about Asbestos roofs?

    Sorry about the number of questions

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    Ok, no problem with the amount of questions.
    A few of them can be answered via the Asbestos Stickies at the top of the page, or in the Library section.
    That'll give you some info until your queries are answered.

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    generally if it's not broken, flaking, or disintegrated,it doesnt pose any risk. If you wanted to leave it and be sure it's condition doesn't worsen, I am guessing you could just use some kind of paint or sealant over it to ensure no loose fibres become exposed.

    I had a quote to get some asbestos removed from our bathroom walls, the total area was probably 4m x 2m and I was told $550. I bought the appropriate gear and removed it all myself, it was fiddly and took a few hours but I didn't even break one sheet!

    If you are considering removing it on your own just be sure to read the stickies and take the correct precautions

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    but you'd need to check the NSW sticky to see what you are allowed to do yourself. Most jurisdictions allow small amounts to be dealt with by individuals but have rules about how to dispose of it.
    Advice from me on this forum is general and for guidance based on information given by the member posing the question. Not to be used in place of professional advice from people appropriately qualified in the relevant field. All structural work must be approved and constructed to the BCA or other relevant standards by suitably licensed persons. The person doing the work and reading my advice accepts responsibility for ensuring the work done accords with the applicable law.

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    Before we bought this place, we rented a place with an asbestos roof. I had a talk to the guys doing the re-roofing, and they basically said a rule of thumb is to double the cost of a simple re-roof (iron). If they were replacing the tin only, it would have been $8k, but being asbestos they quoted the owner $15k.

    From my research, roof sheeting is one of the worst offenders, as it is more usually friable and loosely packed fibres. And it is always exposed to the elements. You are quite restricted in what you can do to it, but whatever you do - DO NOT PRESSURE CLEAN IT!

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    I know newtech paints has a roofing paint for asbestos but don't know how you would
    go about cleaning it first. Maybe try their website.
    As mentioned DO NOT PRESSURE CLEAN.

    I have one property with Asbestos roof and have no problems with it.
    Insurance company has never asked about it and the tenants don't
    seem to mind renting it.

    I think this may be an issue in the future when greedy insurance companies
    want to suck more blood out of you and tenants become more frightened by it.

    The only down side I see at present is it would go against you if you tried to sell.

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