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How much typical price to replace a zelemite fuse box board backing by level 2 elect?

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    Default How much typical price to replace a zelemite fuse box board backing by level 2 elect?

    Has anyone had their black zelemite backing board replaced in their fusebox in the last 10 years or so? Just wanted to know how much the typical price is for this work by a level two electrical provider? I'm hoping around $600 to $1500… Not $3000 plus??
    Reason being is we need a new circuit put in and I'm reluctant with a 2 year old to have the electrician drilling away at the backing board...


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    I paid about $800 to have a wooden, asbestos sheet- lined box replaced with metal. About 6 years ago.

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    Hard to say. Usually that sort of job goes together with upgrading and upgrading is an open question. I can tell you what I paid but it would mean nothing to you since I hat to change the cables from the other side of the street, the mains, the whole board change 4 meters and the rest. All up $2100 for the level 2 and we did the switchboard wiring.
    Get your local paper and look for level2 ads, that sort of work is very competitive and you will be able to negotiate the right price. The box and the board are rather cheap. Even the switches and the box for them can be classified as cheap, but all ads up of course. Make sure you get off peak meter if you don't have one already and leave plenty of room for future upgrades.
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