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Kitchen tiles with potential asbestos - how to seal / encapsulate for now

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    Default Kitchen tiles with potential asbestos - how to seal / encapsulate for now

    Hi all,

    See photos attached from the kitchen of a recently purchased 1940s property in Melbourne - these are grey vinyl tiles (which appear to have a cork backing?) and which also seem to be installed on top of some earlier flooring (colourful). The top tiles are from the 1980s or earlier. These photos are at the doorway, and they seem to be in bad condition from people walking over the threshold with the slight level difference.

    I plan to have a section of this floor removed for asbestos testing, but as we don't plan on renovating the kitchen for a few years, I was wondering:

    1. Can we seal these deteriorated areas with some kind of resin / epoxy / wax / filler? What type and how? (I believe they need a sample the size of a credit card for asbestos testing, so we may have a hole to fill for that too)

    2. Can we then seal over with vinyl floor stickers? Do you recommend any other approach first? e.g. painting below to seal the existing tiles below the new overlay in case it deteriorates?

    3. Any other suggestions on how to manage until we can have it all removed in the future when we completely renovate the kitchen?




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    Helped a young lad here in Perth a few years ago. 60s build. He started with a similar floor to yours but discovered that the adhesive in the original flooring, I think it was, contained asbestos.
    His only way forward was to have the removalists in to remove the entire kitchen jarrah floor. Not cheap. Just a heads up for what you may be facing..
    And.....your point is.....what exactly?

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