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Sealant for an asbestos fence

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    Question Sealant for an asbestos fence

    Hi folks,

    I'm looking at painting my asbestos fence - my question is do I need to apply a sealer first?

    I've read that I don't need to and can just apply a few coats of Weathershield or Solagard....and then I've also read that I will need to seal it with something first...

    Can anyone recommend a sealer (if its needed)?

    And can any exterior paint be used? Water based or acrylic?

    In an ideal world I'd remove it but my fence is in good condition, I just don't like the colour!

    Any advice appreciated.

    PS - too much reading can be totally confusing!

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    From what I have read at asbestos sites, spray it with an exterior grade paint is all that's required.
    They say to not water blast it prior, and to not use a HP spray gun, a HVLP or HEA gun is recommended..
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    Cheers Metrix, appreciate the reply

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