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    Default Tile mastic

    Hi all,

    I've just started removing our old kitchen splashback tiles in prep for a replacement, and am trying to find out some information about the old tile adhesive. It's slightly rubbery/elastic in texture (looking online I believe it is a mastic?) but there are it's a grey colour with black spots peppered all throughout it.

    I haven't been able to find anything that is an exact match online, so wanted to see everyone's thoughts, including whether it could contain asbestos? From what I've read the asbestos containing mastics are black, whereas what I have on my walls is grey (with black spots). The townhouse was built in 1997 and I've also read that though unlikely, asbestos could've still been used up until the ban came into play.


    Thanks for the advice!

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    Probably Davco or similar good old tile adhesive.
    The spots may be because it was not stirred/mixed enough
    Not containing asbestos.
    Take a tile to a tile outlet and I am sure you will get the same answer.

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    Looks like the average rubber modified tile adhesives I have used, comes in various shades of black / grey.
    Doubt it would contain asbestos but testing is the only certain way to confirm.

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