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Tilux in Bathroom

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    Default Tilux in Bathroom

    Hi everyone, I have a rental property where the bathroom walls are tilux. I had a professional painter paint them around five years ago and it looked amazing. As anticipated,
    the paint has started flaking in the last six months. My question is, can I have it sheeted over in say, cement sheeting and then tile over the top of that?
    I really can't afford to strip the bathroom at this stage and I realise that painting is the cheaper option, but knowing the end result, thought sheeting over it would be cheaper in the longrun.
    I appreciate any advice.

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    Default Tilux in Bathroom

    You probably could, but you池e doing the cement sheeting and tiling yourself, I知 sure you値l be competent to DIY remove 10sqm (max legal limit) of asbestos.

    I bought an old rental 15 months ago.

    Painted the Tilux, I知 not sure how the paint as held up. Members here identified from photos its Tilux.

    I知 keen to leave it as is. When I知 ready to renovate the bathroom, I値l DIY the Tilux removal. Maybe 10sqm per day lol

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