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    Default New Solar System

    ...apparently cant add to the other thread of the same name older than 1 year!

    Just installed a 12.7Kw solar system - 33 x 390W Hyundi panels, 33 Enphase microinverters

    Almost completed needing:
    - Electrical Inspector and Retailer side (metering/tarriff) to finalise.
    - Install timers to control septic/sandfilter pumps and hot water to only operate during the day.

    Other than that, changing habits so more appliances are used during the day such as Dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.
    Our aim is to utilise as much solar as possible rather than rely in feedin credits as I feel they are on a limited life as more solar installs challenge (increased costs) the the network operators in managing thousands of "generator" added to the system with surplus power they don't need at different periods. At some point they will either stop or become next to zero benefits for the "generator" owner.

    Looking at the chart, averaging 70% solar usage over network usage. Figuring with the change above, may be able to increase the average to 75% but obviously lower in winter.
    The upshot is I may be able to pay off the system in as little as 3 years and reduce our annual electricity bills from $5,800 to $1450

    I've a couple of projects on the to do list:
    1. water tank on 25m hill to gravity feed water at mains pressure which will shift water pump usage to only daylight hours once a week
    2. Install a wetback to the zero clearance fire for hot water - is now shelved as will see performance of solar electricity and solar hot water over the next 12 months

    Initial charts indicate I have over capitalised as there is way more solar generated than is currently used and feedin credits (10Kw) consume and perhaps a 6 to 8Kw system would have been fine for 1/2 the cost.

    But I guess over time, by changing habits and infrastructure (water tanks on hill, timers for pumps and hot water etc) to utilise more solar/power during the day, the usage will improve. It also allows for a point in the distant future to add batteries (when they make more economic sense to my situation) and if I ever venture down the EV path, to charge it up for free (...free in the context of post system payback period of 3 to 4 years)

    Anyway's it now become a new "hobby" to see how much we can maximise the solar usage!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart1080 View Post
    ...apparently cant add to the other thread of the same name older then 1 year!
    If you ask you can by supplying a link.

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