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To batten or to batten....that is the question

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    Default To batten or to batten....that is the question

    I am currently cladding with fibre cement boards and for most parts I have battened out (10 mil) between the wall wrap... however there are some sections with braceboards.

    Is there really any point to batten out in those areas ?

    My point being why create a space for breathing etc if there is a piece of timber between the wall cavity/batts and sarking ?

    Thanks !

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    Is the sarking RFL (i.e. is it reflective)?

    If so, it needs a specific air gap to preform correctly and prevent radiant heat transfer (see manufacturer’s instructions - I thought the gap was usually 25mm though?).

    Not sure what the requirements are if it’s not RFL wrap or what is required regarding the cement boards...

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