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Cladding to span gap in brickwork

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    Default Cladding to span gap in brickwork

    Hi all,

    We are renovating and removing a sliding door (1570 width) and spanning the gap with a stud frame that contains a small window, then cladding the outside, and gyprock sheeting inside. The rest of the surrounding external walls are double brick, and the bottom edge has a layer one brick high above the ground level that will remain when the sliding door gets removed.

    What do I need to ensure that it will be weatherproof? Just trying to visualise the layers from external to internal, particularly around the window frame. Cheers for any advice.

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    I'd suggest that you get a brickie (easier said than done) to brick up the space and brick in the window at the same time...
    Lots of challenges with this matching bricks etc, but definitely worth the hassle if you can do it...
    And.....your point is.....what exactly?

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