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Covering internal brickwork.

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    Default Covering internal brickwork.

    I'm covering all the internal brickwork in the house with V grooved MDF to dado height, and then 6mm recessed edge fibre cement above. Direct stick for both. I'm thinking I'll wire brush the paint off back to brick where I'm gluing?
    There're a number of options for flushing, looking for any experiences folks have had with any options.
    Also looking to confirm that once flushed and sanded and primed and painted will the "finish" of the fibre cement and flushing look the same?

    And.....your point is.....what exactly?

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    From memory the last brick walls I used https://madexplaster.com.au/product/...hoCj1sQAvD_BwE

    Yes rough up the bricks...at least the line where you will be placing the dob of glue.

    should all look fine once painted. No different to say a bathroom where the walls backing on the wet area (shower) and the others are normal gyprock all look the same once painted.

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