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durra panels

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    Default durra panels

    Looking for a eco friendly but mainly a good sound insulated panel. Has anyone used or heard of these?

    Durra Panels
    Durra Panels is created from agricultural waste by-product from wheat and rice straw. These resources are usually disposed of after a harvest through a burning process that causes the release of additional carbon emissions. The materials are heated and pressed to form a hard panel core. The natural polymer in the straw is processed and works as an organic binding agent. Then non-toxic PVA glue with a water base encases the panel core with recycled Kraft liner paper to form one of the most innovative eco-friendly drywalls. Durra Panels can be recycled, turned into fertilizer mulch, or safely discarded in landfills.

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    I've not used the Durra panels. However, I have seen them in use. They formed virtually all the internal walling inside a straw bale home. To all intensive purposes they come up looking like a conventional timber stud gyprock clad wall. Except they they don't sound hollow. They are not a cladding product per se (though they can be used as such too)....they a better used as an alternative internal wall.

    The fixing system is simple but there are obvious structural implications for the house design if you want to use them which can have pricing and design inflexibility implications. Hence their more natural targeting at the commercial building industry rather than for domestic buildings.
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