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URGENT - Seeking Advice On Replacing Timber Weatherboards

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    Default URGENT - Seeking Advice On Replacing Timber Weatherboards


    Well here I am again having to write/type my query as the last attempt went missing in action.

    I am requiring any advice that will help me with the predicament I am in presently. This morning I had to remove a length of quad so I could remove the top weatherboard which was rotten. I have since made a new one up but I don't know how to correctly reassemble it together again - with a new piece of quad. I got the nails this morning on the advice of a helper at Bunnings - galvanised bullet head x 50mm long. However he couldn't (not that he had to) tell me where I had to a nail(s) in a vertical position in-line with the stud/joist? So do I only need one (or two) to secure the weatherboard? I noticed (and you will be able to see via the images) that the quad was nailed (with a gun) through the eave and into the stud/joist - what type of nails do I need to go through this material without breaking it?

    Any advice would be much appreciated so I can keep the wife off my back

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    Default Re: URGENT - Seeking Advice On Replacing Timber Weatherboards

    The nails you have will be fine, you can nail both vertically in to the timber trimmer supporting the rave sheet and horizontally in to the stud as required (approximately 600mm centres). To reduce the chance of splitting the quad (this might sound silly) first attempt to hit the nail in backwards this will leave an indent in the quad and flatten the tip of the nail. I used to use this method all the time and it is common practice when there is no nail gun handy.

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