I'm looking to copy the cladding used on this fence - https://www.harrisonslandscaping.com.au/project/yanko

I currently have a standard 1.8m picket fence (ugly side facing me) - but it is on a bit of a lean as some of the fence posts are rotted at the bottom.

My plan was to put in some new steel posts in between the existing fence posts (as the cladding is a bit higher 1800mm vs 2450mm), fix the existing "ugly" rails to the new posts. Then clad over the top.

As there is about a 1.5-2m drop across the 20m rear fence line the benefit of putting in new posts also means I can make them a bit higher and keep the fence level from our perspective.

I looked at the instructions for the Axon cladding and it looks like you need to use 600mm studs (if fixing to an exterior wall) - they don't really have much in the way of instructions for using as a fence, but I thought I would adopt this anyway.

Before I crack on, wanted to know if anyone has tried this before, or if there are any suggestions/or problems with my plan.