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colourbond fading?

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    Default colourbond fading?

    We are looking at replacing a dated 80's tiled roof with colourbond. Currently our preference is for Loft on the roof with dune on gutters and shed walls. (This is to match an orangy tan bricks with a dark pinky brown mortar). We could reverse this and put dune on top depending on your advice.
    We hear that dark colours fade and light colours stain, so what is the best option for the roof? How long does the fading take? Are the new colours less susceptable to fading than the old colour range? Does anyone have experience with loft to know how it lasts? Is staining a problem with lighter colours?
    Heat is also something we will consider. We will of course be insulating (with Anticon?) so is the heat absorption of the darker colour still going to be considerable?
    Also if anyone in Perth has seen this colour combination or at least a loft roof around the Maida Vale/Eastern Suburbs area please let me know. Thanks.

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    assuming you'll use colorbond made by bluescope and avoiding the subjective aspects of colour preference, colour combinations, etc, i can refer you to the source of the technical info you need
    have a look at the Colour Centre: Colour Centre website and look at thermatech thermal coating on the colorbond sheets.
    same goes for fading questions - it's on this same site.
    with that, over to you for the aesthetics and the real-life performance of this product

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