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cost of gutter and fascia replacement?

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    Default cost of gutter and fascia replacement?

    Hi all
    This week we had the gutters and fascias replaced on the older part of our house to match the newer extension. This involved removal of old gutters and replacing it with quad style gutters and primed timber fascias (no painting we have to do that). In total 37.5 mtrs of guttering and 4 down pipes. It also included replacement of a barge board on a smallish gable and pointing above the gable.

    It is a low pitched single storey house and the installer commented it was an easy job. We have been charged $7000 and the workmanship has fallen way short of expectations. Incorrect miter cuts leaving gaps and misaligned boards, damage to the eaves, and a generally sloppy job in our view. We feel rather stupid as we should have had other quotes, but at the time the rep from the company presented well and we thought there would be more involved. The materials required were limited and it took two guys with an offsider/apprentice 6 hours in total to complete the whole job.

    We have complained and someone is coming out tomorrow have a look. On the phone the owner did not agree that the job had not been done properly. I guess you don't know what you don't know but for that money we expected better and thought it was more complicated. I am not sure if we are being too picky about the fascias and if the work done would be considered acceptable.
    Thanks comments thoughts welcomed.

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    Can't really comment without photos, did you ask for references? Research the company before hand. Or just fall for the salesman's spiel.

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