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Cracked roof tiles

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    Default Cracked roof tiles

    I have just bought an old house 40-60 years old and the roof tiles are cracking and the coating over the concrete is long gone. I just stepped through a few in trying to replace a cracked tile after some rain and don't think my idea of repainting them myself is going to work unless I drop about 50kg.Were the tiles weaker due to the rain and if so can painting them when they dry out work??? if not should I replace them and what is the best option $$$ Tiles or tin and is there second hand option? I have just started painting inside and want to do things in the right order. The house is only 2 bedroom and the sleepout is tin. The ridge caps have been done recently.

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    Golden rules one and two (often ignored at one's peril)

    1. Make sure the foundations are sound before renovating
    2. Make sure the roof is sound before renovating

    I failed miserably with regard to the first many years ago - I am cured now.

    Your roof - it will likely need replacing and depending on the style of home, Colourbond is probably the go.....(a pic would be helpful if you can stick one up on here)

    Replacing the existing roof with tiles is possible and relatively straightforward, but exxie when compared to metal.

    Your tiles will all be in the same condition as the ones that failed - all the careful walking will probably not make much difference either due to their age and condition.

    Cheap colourbond is available from D & S Building supplies Chirnside Park 9727 1526
    (yup, miles away) Dianne and Steve are the owners names I believe and they are pretty good people..... I am pretty sure delivery could be arranged, but you'd have to ask.

    Have fun
    Kilmore (Melbourne-ish)

    ....catchy phrase here

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    Sounds like a re roofing job for sure.
    I'm afraid I am very pro steel.
    I used to install TV antennas for a living at one time & crawled on & in more than a few roofs.
    I can not remember a tile roof I have ever seen that did no have cracked tiles. It got to a point that I carried a felt marker to mark broken tiles so that the customer wouldnt acuse me of breaking em & so I wouldn't stand on em.
    One house I marked 30 tiles & that was just between my ladder and the antenna.
    Tiles are a maintence nightmare.

    Don't even think of those tin tiles coverd in gravel over tome the bitumen degrades & the gravel ends up in the gutter.
    Zincalume is my preference but if you want it prety go colourbond.

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