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How to paint concrete driveway?

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    Default How to paint concrete driveway?

    More importantly is this a good idea...

    I'm selling my place. want to see if painting a concrete driveway can help.

    how much does it normally cost? not too difficult I can just do it myself.

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    The paint's not exactly cheap but it can make an old concrete look a lot better. I've only ever done a garage floor that had a lot of stains but 3 years latter its still looking decent and has not pealed.

    Tin has instructions but what I did was:
    Wait to you have fine weather, I did it in summer.
    High pressure clean
    Put on gumboots, glasses, rubber gloves and I wore a chemical rated disposable overalls to guard against splash burns. Mix up acid wash to the ratio on paint tin.
    Pour it out over stains allow to sit for a few mins then scrub with stiff broom. Then cover entire driveway and give it a good scrub. Hose off carefully.
    Another high pressure clean.
    Allow dry 24hrs.
    Mix paint, pour some into tray and dilute it a bit as per instructions. Do 1st layer.
    I ended up doing 2 more after 1st to get an even coverage without any marks showing through. Made sure I waited the time recommended for each layer to dry.

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