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    Default install Skylight

    Can I seek some advice on whether feasible to install a skylight on a spot surrounded by solar panels. When panels were installed there was one panel deliberately missed to create gap space for a future skylight. The panel is 1m x 1.65m in size so that is the size of the gap but there is no direct access to the gap unless 2 panels are removed to create temporary access. I am not sure if it is a job that the skylight installer can do it alone or an electrician has to be there as well for the panel work. And as there are panel rails going through the gap I am just not sure if they also need to be temporary removed to install the skylight. If it is too much work/trouble I probably will just forget it but just want to get an idea first. My intended size of skylight is 600cm x 800cm same direction as the solar panel.

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    What roofing material ? Tile iron fibro ?
    What type of skylight ? Flat domed vented ?

    eg for tile you could get light only tile type light i.e a tile or more made of clear plastic/perspex https://hipages.com.au/connect/skytileskylights
    for iron a sheet of clear for light only
    Rails will probably have to be removed permanently in any case

    I was told by an installer you can walk on the panels although I have never tried.

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    Once the solar system is shut down properly, the panels can be unplugged, although I don't know whether it is legal to do that yourself. The panels must be plugged back exactly the same way, so if in doubt mark the plugs that go together before pulling them apart.

    As cyclic said, clear replacement tiles or corrugated polycarbonate sheet to replace the existing cladding. I've installed several skylights, usually reusing old lead light windows. To minimise heat loss in winter and and heat gain in summer it is important that the installation is airtight. I use Laserlight 3000 Ice polycarbonate sheet which discriminates against heat whilst letting through white light, helping mitigate heat gain in summer. Above the lead light I put several layers of "bubble glazing" i.e. several layers of discarded bubblewrap. The air bubbles provide thermal insulation, which the light passes straight through, and help prevent heat loss in winter. The bubble glazing doesn't do much in summer, because most of the heat gain is radiant, hence the Laserlight 3000 cladding.

    In the second picture you can see the top plastic bubble material sealed around the side to prevent convection and the second layer which just lays loose on top of the glass, and you can see the seal around the frame to make the pane airtight. The shadow line is where two sheets of polycarb overlap.

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    I thought skylights were old fashioned now replaced by LED panels.

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