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Maximum gap between corry under ridgecap?

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    Default Maximum gap between corry under ridgecap?

    What is the maximum gap I could get away with on a ridge roof (36 degree pitch) under a normal 300mm wide roll-top ridgecap? Like, the gap between the two sides of the roof? The gap at the top here: / \

    Reason is, there's some second-hand new corry up for sale and I might grab it -- only, it's a tad short and will need around 120mm - 150mm (5 or 6 inch) gap at the ridge. For a backyard shed.

    Edit/update -- well, I drew it out on paper, and looks like that gap still leaves plenty of roofing under the ridgecap, especially my steep roof angle, so I'll go with it.
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    Fair enough, and for future reference, you could get the ridge cap rolled larger than normal if need be, at places such as Lysaght etc

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