Hi Folks,

First, I'm not sure if this query belongs here or in the general Renovation section - please let me know if I need to repost it there...

I have a 4 x 6 metre Olympic steel garage built nearly 30 years ago when I first bought my 'renovator's delight' house. I've converted the swing door to a stud wall & door and it's now used just as a workshop & shed. It's a standard, single-gable steel frame structure built right on the corner boundaries of my block. It has a box gutter on the longer shared boundary side (yep - I didn't know any better in those days!)

The gutter of course is impossible to keep clear and leaks and overflows into the shed's interior whenever it feels like it! So I want to convert the single gable to a skillion roof (about 5 degrees & draining into my property) over the summer. I plan to do it myself using home-built wooden roof trusses sitting on top of the existing 6 x 150x75 C-section steel corner/side posts. I'm open to using more than 3 wooden trusses if needed - the shed currently just has 2 end steel frame trusses & 1 central steel C-section truss & I'd simply thought I could replace them with wooden ones.

I'd appreciate any advice re resources or maybe a set of tables that will help me to:
- decide how many trusses I'll actually need
- how they should be designed and built.

I've nominated wooden trusses mainly because I'm a hopeless welder & am quite experienced with wood, nail plates etc. However if people thing steel would be better I'm open to suggestions!

many thanks,