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Is this quote for gutters reasonable

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    Default Is this quote for gutters reasonable

    Hi. I am just wondering if this quote for gutters and downpipes that I have recieved is in the ballpark. I dont know the meterage, but its a single floor 3 bedroom house, built 1970 - typical size for its time. Roof ends are gable. I do know there are 5 downpipes. The front of the house is one level, but the back of the block falls away so it is two storeys high at the back. I have received a quote for $1995 - does that sound roughly reasonable. I tried to get a second quote but no-one turned up. I dont have time to mess around with it any more.

    The quote mentions hi-front quad colorbound zincalume gutters. All old materials will be removed. 7 year warrantee.

    any help appreciated.

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    sounds twice too high to me

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