ok I have just high pressure sprayed my roof on the weekend (3000psi with turbo head), looks a treat. Right back to concrete on the tiles, and pointing is in disarray.

I have a guy re-pointing the roof (and re-bedding where necessary)

So I'm good to go on a re-spray on the weekend, weather permitting (Brisbane)

I am going to use the DULUX 962 system for the re-spray, I am going to follow the below procedure, can anyone shed some light on this, if I am going wrong anywhere??

Roof is about 155sqm

Step 1. Dulux Acratex 500/10 Prep Treat (probably 2 15L drums??)
Step 2. Dulux Acratex Roof Sealer SB (1 x 15L drum)
Step 3. Dulux Acratex 962 Roof Membrane - 2 coats? (probably 3 or 4 15L drums??)

So I have been told I need an airless spray gun, hopefully that's right?

Also, the Dulux trade stores are pretty $$$ on their prices as I don't have a trade account, anyone advise where else I can get prices from (In Brisbane or surrounds)

So I guess some general advise is needed, and would appreciate anyone's time they can give me!