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Replace or paint fascia?

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    Default Replace or paint fascia?

    Our 1970 house has concealed box gutters and wood fascia. The fascia is looking pretty sad and definitely needs painting. We donít have time to do this and a quote to do the job was so high it made me wonder if it would be best to replace with colourbond fascia. However Iím not sure if thatís possible with the box gutters. Gutters are working fine and donít need to be replaced. Thoughts? Rough idea of cost to replace fascia? Itís about 60m, single storey.

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    Sanding takes longer than painting and you don't say if it is to be a quick job for resale or a good job for keeping.
    To get even a rough guess you will need to put up pics of each fascia to be painted plus pics of easy or hard access to the fascias.
    FWIW any colorbond fascia will most likely be specially made to suit the existing layout plus capping may need to be replaced also.

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    Are you basing the high cost of painting on a single quote ?

    Get at least 3 quotes before going further.

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