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Roof Restoration - Metal/Colourbond Roof

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    Default Roof Restoration - Metal/Colourbond Roof

    I've seen a few posts regarding roof restorations and some pitfalls regarding tiled roofs on the forum.

    I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with having their colourbond/metal roof restored.

    I have a roof and gutter system that is about 20 years old, the roof is in reasonable condition, with probably about two 4.8m lengths sheets that need to be replaced.

    Most of the guttering is ok, with the exception of a couple of downpipes.

    The biggest issue is the colour - brown, and very faded. Because of the geography of our area and street you can see a large portion of the roof....and it looks ordinary.

    Is there much roof restoring happening in this space? Is it expensive?

    What are the pitfalls? any recommendations....???

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    Quote Originally Posted by spartan
    any recommendations....???
    leave queensland. ?

    seriously though : repaint it. get the missues to approve a spray gun, compressor and some paint and off you go.
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