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Roof strut movement

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    Default Roof strut movement

    Hi all,

    While I was inside the roof cavity inspecting for leaks, I found something that concerned me.

    My home has a very old style roof construction using a strut and lower purlin style holding a tiled roof.

    My house had been jacked when a couple of stumps have been replaced in 2020 and one wall removed during a renno 12 years ago (2010).

    I have attached 2 pictures, one from 2018 where you can see the struts sitting correctly and one taken today where you can see them holding the purlin on the side.

    Not sure what caused it, but is this something serious that needs immediate attention or is this acceptable? Or am I just being paranoid.




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    Without seeing the overall set up it is difficult to pinpoint the cause

    I would clamp them and run a 1/2" bolt or threaded rod through them both for safety.

    And while on the safety subject you should not go in the ceiling with the power on, turn it all off.

    People have been electrocuted in ceilings.

    I had a sparky leave 2 bare live wires in a ceiling after wiring some downlights so don't for one minute think everything is safe with electricity..

    Then with the power off move all those wires out of the way before you work.

    DO NOT stand on them or they can be damaged.

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    Thanks again for your sound advice cyclic.

    I am probably going to get a carpenter to do all this work for me.

    Thanks for the power tip. I was at the manhole when I took the pic, just needed better lighting. I could not get far anyways as I have the old fibreglass insulation up there. Very ouch.

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    Nothing has changed between the two photos, it does look as though the strut has moved at some previous stage though, and the purlin hadn't been joined correctly above the strut in picture no 1.


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