starting a new post for renewed enthusiasm and incresed responses....he he seriously though, I have a cliplock roofing system...boxing in verandah roof and instead of taking up the iron (and the cliplock chance) and adding sarking, i am going to try and insulate away my condensation. So if infilling between the current rafters... i though about stuffing batts up into the roof ridges and then gluing aircell direct to the flat iron. will this work or ---->Am i being a knob. i have tested aircell already, unglued, and just tacked up as best i can, ( with this method i can direct the moisture outside the weatherboards, but not into the guttering) however there is still about a 20-30mm gap between the aircell and the iron. When i lifted the aircell to have a look there was still condensation. Only a drop or two had actually 'dropped' onto the aircell, so i works okay and shouldnt pose a problem i dont think as most of the moisture must simply evaporate.... however im thinking maybe i can do better. or am i going over the top as most of the moisture seems to NOT drop and just evaporate. and if i glue the aircell up there, perhaps it will trap moisture.