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Single sheet span or multi sheets for pergola

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    Default Single sheet span or multi sheets for pergola

    Hey guys,
    Im about to order some colorbond trimdeck for my pergola roof.

    I had a chat to the company about whether I should order full single span sheets to cover the entire pergola length (its 4meters from front to back) or if its commonplace to order them in say 2.2 meters with a 200m overlap - they are 760mm wide so there' will be overlap verticaly anyway.
    They reccomended getting single sheet spans and not having a seam in the middle of the roof.

    My only issue is that where the roof touches up against the house, its not a flat profile.
    I've tried to provide a pic of where, you can see the two triangle peaks that the roof spans accross. The steel fasicas step out and are not level with the brickwork, so the lengths of colorbond there will have to be profiled to fit around it, then I'll have to work out how to flash it all.

    I thought doing two rows of colorbond would be easier as I could get the first row, closest to where the gutter will be, nice and straight and then stagger what I needed to up higher.

    Alternatively I could order the sheets say 300mm longer and trim back at the gutter edge the sheets that are not straight before fitting the gutter. I plan to overhang the sheets about 50mm over the fascia into the gutter.

    Also - should I put sarking under the colorbond? I plan to put a ceiling in and it was engineered for 20kg m2 for a ceiling as this is what the wife wanted!

    any advice is appreciated!

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    Without a doubt, full length sheets.
    I would use an insulation blanket not sarking.
    Or may be some shed insulation which is a form of sarking but not fibre wool type.
    Last time I did a garage I used the Rhino product for memory.
    May be a little overkill but warm in winter and cool in summer.

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