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Top Row of Concrete Roof Tiles Slipping Out

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    Default Top Row of Concrete Roof Tiles Slipping Out

    Hi all

    I had my roof tile ridge re-bedded about ten years ago. I also had a renovation in 2014 where some of the roof layout had to be changed. Not sure if the section in question relates to the re-bedding or renovation.

    Anyway, I noticed water damage coming through a few weeks ago and went up to have a look. I noticed three top row tiles had completely slipped down creating a hole for water to run through. I have a photo here marking the three tiles in question, which I had kicked back into place.


    You will notice the mortar has cracked for these three. When I checked on the weekend the tiles had slipped again, about an inch. Not sure how they are moving - wind or gravity I guess.

    Inside the roof cavity I notice that the top row (both sides of the ridge) are just sitting on top of wood rather than being hold up by the wood as with the second row of tiles down. So the only thing holding the top row of tiles in place appears to be the ridge cement, which is cracking.

    Any thoughts on how I can fix these tiles from slipping? Should I add some more mortar?

    I can just reach the area of the roof cavity underneath. I guess I could clamp the tiles to the wood, as a McGyver, if I can find enough cheap clamps.

    Thank you for any help.


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    Probably the tiles have been cut removing the lug which would normally sit over the batten.
    They will slip down due to movement in the building as people walk through, doors open shut slam etc.,and possibly wind as you suggested.
    Best fix is gently kick them back into place then plumbers and roofers clear silicone where the top tile laps over the next tile down
    Just a reasonable blob to stop them sliding
    but only on the ridge of the tile NOT the valley of the tile, or you could cause leaks.

    Be careful climbing on the roof, use safety gear as necessary
    Don't fall, be aware the fall does not hurt, but the sudden stop at the bottom has a bit of a kick to it.

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    Many thanks, I thought about silicone but wasn't sure it would provide enough adhesive to hold the tile, but certainly worth a try.

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    The short course clips are missing .

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