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What is the best way to cut corrugated roof sheets at the valleys?

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    Default What is the best way to cut corrugated roof sheets at the valleys?

    I've had my roof done for a while now & I still need to tidy up the valley roof sheets before putting leaf guard. What is the best way to cut the valley angle with the roof in place?

    - chalk line & nibbler I thought might be the best bet?
    - how much overhang of the sheet into the valley is enough overhang.


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    In my opinion...Chalk line & aviation snips are the most accurate way & really the only way to do it!, it'll take time, the cut needs to be as straight as an arrow as wavy cuts will stick out like the proverbials (easy to look up along the cut valley from the ground).

    Leave as much overhang into the valley as possible, at least 120mm I'd say, while still leaving a large enough space that leaves and other debris will easily wash out of the valley.
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    A twin blade saw would give you the neatest and quickest cut.

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