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New lighting throughout the house

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    Default New lighting throughout the house

    Hi everyone.

    I'm in need of batten lights for a new shed, as well as downlights for the mancave, and thought, might as well update everything to the newest plug-in LED's.

    I'm after recommendations on brands and features (I have basic knowledge like the tri-colour lights) and also where to purchase.

    Obviously electrical wholesalers would be the go, but do you need to be a sparky to buy there and get the best price?

    I'm in Melbourne if there's any decent brick and mortar stores but also willing to look at online wholesalers.


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    Reduction Revolution is a good online store for lighting and honest advice https://reductionrevolution.com.au/pages/led-lighting
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    Ive had good dealings with sprakydorect as well. No different to any other online shops and dont need an account with them or anything
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    Agree with haveabeer, Sparkydirect is pretty good for pricing without the need for an account, actually they don't offer "account" pricing as that's not their business model they just sell at wholesale prices to the public.
    I found them cheaper on a lot of things than my wholesalers with an account.

    Postage is the only problem with them, as it gets expensive if the weight adds up, and are only QLD based for pickup.

    Wholesalers won't do you any deals without an account, and like most Trade accounts, the more you buy over time the better pricing structure you get.

    Depending on the wholesaler, they will close your account if you don't keep ongoing buy from them, say every 2 months you need to have purchase a certain amount of product or they deem you inactive and just close the account, looking at you Cetnaj.

    I don't buy a lot of electrical stuff as I let the electricians get what they need, but there has been times it was easier for me to just pick it up on the way because there is a Cetnaj just around the corner.
    I found TLE are horrendously expensive so gave them the flick a long time ago, Cetnaj is good but the closing account problem is a bugbear, so I gave up on them.

    Honestly, I found better pricing at retail outlets for better quality lighting, downlights are so cheap nowadays, and the selection is endless, if you just want some cheap looking plastic things then the wholesalers seem to stock a lot of these.

    You being in Melbourne, I know there are good online suppliers of quality fittings at good prices.

    Google is your friend, it will find you what you want, the downlights here are nice discrete looking ones, pricing from wholesaler was $21.00 each, Google found retailers selling them from $7.00 to $12.00, pickup from their storefronts, so was able to get the 56 required for this house at 1/3 the price of the wholesaler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevo27 View Post
    I'm in need of batten lights for a new shed
    I got these DETA Delos ones from Bunnings for the garage and I love it. They're 40W LEDs and blast out some good light. Under the cover panel they have 3 colour temperature options, and also a switch to drop them down to 22W. Yes, it's a Bunnings brand but they seem to be well designed.

    Quote Originally Posted by stevo27 View Post
    as well as downlights for the mancave
    There's a ton of things to consider about downlights. If the mancave is meant to be 'something special', I wouldn't rush out and buy those cheapie wholesale downlights. I have bought a lot of downlights from The Lighting Outlet (particularly downlights by Trend Lighting). Their website prices go up and down like a yoyo and they're always having some kind of 'sale'... but the most useful thing is their search filters. It really helps you narrow down the type of light you're looking for.

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