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Separate power board for granny flat?

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    Default Separate power board for granny flat?

    Iíve got a four car detached garage that is slowly being converted into a granny flat and workshop.

    Itís got power, but itís really only servicing a few power points and a couple of lights. Not sure how chunky the feed is, but Iím sure itís insufficient and not future proof.

    If I was to put in a chunkier feed, more points, extra lights and switches (maybe a water heater in down the track), should I be looking to get a second distribution (not meter) switch board installed into it?

    Is there a requirement to put one in if thereís more than X-number of power points and light switches? Or is it just sensible/safer to have lights and power on a separate circuit?

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    I put a board in for my extension. Then the sparky only had to run one (big) cable back to the main board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r3nov8or View Post
    I put a board in for my extension. Then the sparky only had to run one (big) cable back to the main board.
    Likewise, mine has a sub-board with one big cable feed too. You can also run it with a usage meter which might be useful for power bills.

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    I would be going a sub-board in that situation.
    We have our main switchboard with the meter servicing the old section of the house, a sub-board in the new extension, and then another sub-board for the garage / workshop.
    It will give you much more flexibility and also be easier to add / upgrade. It would be handy to have a rough idea of what you are planning and what you might need, then add a buffer to this as well
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