Hi there

I have a laundry that according to the relevant australian standards doesnt require floor waste and doesnt require waterproofing, only requires water resistant flooring a sealed wall floor junction in form of water stop or skirting ( will just do skirting and silicone to tile to meet standard)

I have laid down scyon interior which is apparently moistureproof and fits the waterproofing / moisture requirements when the T & G are filled with a polyurethane sealant.

I have looked at the ardex scyon technical amanual out of interest and ardex recommends taping all the joins with sealant bond breaker tape (polyethylene or polypropylene tape) even if not waterproofing ? now I get this is to allow the sealant in the T&G to flex without being limited by subsequent tile adhesive. I dont really know if I need to worry about this or if I can just prime and tile on top of the scyon with the davco scyon approved system (primex and APA or SMP EVO)