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Waterproof verandah and bathroom

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    Default Waterproof verandah and bathroom

    So 2 parts to this one.

    First of all, I have a small house with a verandah attached to it. I have used yellow tongue all the way through for the house and deck. Once the occupation certificate is granted the verandah will be changed to a sun room so completely waterproof, however my certifier says it will need waterproofing is this the case? Anyway around this? Am I to provide drainage also?

    Secondly, I know itís been discussed before, and I know compressed sheet is preferred but is it still good to waterproof yellow tongue for a bathroom?

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    Those are interesting questions.

    1. The problem you have is that you cannot obtain an occupancy certificate until such time as all wet areas are waterproofed. Since the verandah won't be changed to a sun room until after the certificate is issued, it means the verandah is classified as a wet area and would need to be waterproofed. You'll need to check this with the building surveyor, however, I'm fairly certain that yellow tongue is not suitable as a substrate on balconies (outdoor wet areas) and you may need to replace it with something more suitable such as Scyon sheet or Fibre Cement sheet.

    2. I personally wouldn't. It's easy enough to install tile underlay on top of the yellow tongue and waterproof on top of that. There's a good article on that here : Gripset - Sealed For Good | News | Particle board flooring

    Hope that helps.
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