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Waterproofing membrane didn't extend into the waste pipe

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    Default Waterproofing membrane didn't extend into the waste pipe

    Hi Guys,

    My mother had a renovation for the bathroom one month ago. Today I found there is a leak from drain pipe of the shower when I was doing some work in the subfloor of her house. It seems that the leak came from the gap between the drain pipe and the PVC floor flange. She told me that the tradesman didn't extend the waterproofing membrane into the waste pipe. But he did apply the waterproofing membrane on the PVC floor flange though.

    My question is that:
    1) Can it be fixed by applying some waterproofing membrane in the gap between the drain pipe and the PVC floor flange?
    2) Would this failure cause the entire waterproofing fail in the future?


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    Hard to say if it's a plumber or waterproofing problem, Whoever oversaw the work, call them back to fix it, waterproofing has a 6 year warranty if done by a licensed contractor who issues a waterproofing certificate.

    Do you have any pictures of the problem.
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    Could that PVC floor flange you mention, be a puddle flange! Pics would help.

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    Hi Frank2000,

    The waterproofing generally isn't taken into the waste pipe, but terminates on the leak control flange. Sometimes people get over-zealous when waterproofing, however, in my experience, terminating the membrane into the waste pipe can often lead to another issue - namely preventing the leak control flange (aka puddle flange) from working as intended.

    The easiest way to check if it's a waterproofing or plumbing issue is to have someone pour a continous stream of water direct into the waste outlet while someone else stands in the sub-floor and observes if there is a leak there or not. If it's leaking, then it's 100% a plumbing issue - if it isn't then it's almost certainly a waterproofing issue.

    So to answer your questions:

    1. No - if it's a waterproofing issue, then it's more complicated than that.
    2. Hard to say, however, it is likely to create future issues.

    Hope that helps.
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